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Vicky Jayne

After having my second child I joined and I love going. I’ve never enjoyed exercising but this is so quick, fun and manageable with two young children. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is just starting out or put off by a gym.
I love it.


I found it very difficult to fit in any exercise with 4 kids under the age of 7. Going to the vibration studio has been a life safer! I can bring my two youngest along – one in baby walker, the other one watching DVD on a portable TV – while I am working hard to get back into shape.
Both Jonathan and Tanya are great! They spur you on but never push, give advice on nutrition and life style and get you back on track after a few bad days….
It is ‘only’ 20 minutes and some people don’t believe it is ‘proper’ exercise but those people should come for a few sessions. It’s a great mixture of raising your heart rate and working your muscles. Without losing much weight I have lost many inches and fit into clothing that I wore before I put on 5 stone during pregnancy. I would wholeheartedly recommend going to the VS! I love it and feel so much better for it!

Kim Batchelor

I’ve been going to vibration studio for over two years now and it is great. You work hard but only for 20 minutes so it is ideal if you don’t have a lot of time!
Great people in there too, the personal attention really helps you stay motivated.

Hayley Russell

Been training at the studio now for a few months. Really enjoy it, 3 times a week for 20 mins and eye a difference then I get the weekend to myself. Would recommend this to anyone. I’ve never been to a gym before and this is much more me!

Fiona Martin

It’s only a twenty minute workout which fits in with my busy schedule. Even though it’s only twenty minutes it feels like an hours hard workout! Would highly recommend it!

Sally Rusca

I love going to vibration studio Jonathan and the team have turned my health and fitness around. 20mins 3 X week is also easy to fit in my hectic life. Would highly recommend.

Lucy Kew

After two months off I came back yesterday as I missed it to much. But wow can I feel it today:)
Thank you Jonathan.

Nicky Thomas

Fantastic intense workout classes in only 20 minutes!! Highly recommend

Paige Millerchip

My mum and I have been attending vibration studio for over a year now. The classes are only 20 minutes per session and even though it’s a tough work out the staff make it fun. (Even with the corny jokes haha). If you’re looking for a challenge sign up for a free session and it’s guaranteed you’ll go back for more