How does it work?



Ultim 8

The Power Plate machine vibrates, or moves, in three different directions. These tiny movements put the body out of balance. To correct this imbalance, the muscles unconsciously make very rapid reflex contractions. Therefore, the muscles are almost continuously contracted. As training on a Power Plate machine is so extremely effective, the time spent exercising can be reduced. However, make no mistake – it is still hard work.

 When training in a gym you activate 40% of muscle fibres through vibrations you activate 97% meaning you work harder and safer.

Who uses it?

People like you and me, and we’re in great company, a number of celebreties from Kylie & Dannii Minogue, to Cheryl Cole and Elle Macpherson are regular users of Power Plates. It is the celebrity workout proven to achieve fast results and get your body in shape in less time, perfect to fit into your busy lifestyle!