Vibration Studio

Fitness & Nutrition Centre Portishead

Welcome to the Vibration Studio Fitness & Nutrition Centre, the only studio of its kind in the Portishead area. We are not a gym, and offer small group classes to offer a personal service to everyone.

Ideal for busy people – just 20min workouts for whole body. Bring your kids and train, save money on using a crèche, hate gyms –love studio. 


Gold – train 3 x weekly

Silver – train 2 x weekly

Bronze – train 1 x weekly

20 Minute Work Out

The Vibration Studio Fitness & Nutrition Centre in Portishead will make personal training affordable with vibration training. Already a huge success in London this is the first of its kind in the area.
Vibration Studio Fitness & Nutrition Centre PortisheadVibration Training uses a vigorously vibrating plate to stimulate your muscles and condenses a traditional gym work out into just a short 20 minute session. The vibration stimulus, like traditional exercise, also has a whole host of other advantages helping weight loss, improving
muscle tone, and your health and well being.

Nutrition Centre in Portishead

The Vibration-Studio also has a nutrition centre in Portishead where we offer the brilliant nutritional products of Herbalife:

 Offering nutritional support to the people of Portishead

Herbalife’s high-quality poducts and programmes in our nutrition centre offer:

  • successful weight loss
  • improved nutrition
  • enhanced personal care
  • the opportunity for financial reward

Nutrition Centre Portishead call 01275 390604 for your free wellness evaluation

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